• Marga

September 2020: Ratchet & Pump

September is an eventful month! This marks a point in the year where things start to ramp up fast.

It's a month during which we get to design the specifics of the new systems, the new structures we're envisioning for the new collective world, in earnest.

Right out the gate on Sept. 1 we have Saturn opposite Venus, getting us to be more deliberate around resources, and getting us to be more intentional and purposeful about our home environments (which usually means decluttering). Safety and security is on our minds.

Jupiter turns direct mid-month, and gets closer to Pluto, symbolizing the way we unearth (sometimes proactively, sometimes seemingly by accident) old beliefs that are the foundations of the social structures governing us today. We see that these beliefs have decayed, can't hold up the structures any longer.

Taking care of the spine/ nervous system/ brain is going to be important this month. Releasing excess energy from the system will help us maintain a good state.


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