• Marga

October 2020: Spin Cycle

October is the beginning of a long, four-month tumble into the nucleus of our social contracts with each other. Many surprising twists and turns await us this month, with new information being revealed, new styles of leadership being developed, and new technologies of navigating differences (possibly playing out in the theater of our U.S. judicial system). Mercury is retrograde from Oct. 14 – Nov. 3, stationing direct *on* election day here in the U.S. With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto direct after October 4 but Mars still retrograde, we may feel like we're moving ahead but without our confidence, mojo, or passion coming with us. It will be important to engage in daily practices that allow the discharge of shock and grief, so that we can stay connected to natural Joy. The lunar cycle this month is nothing short of exciting, revelatory, and inventive. Between the new moon on Oct. 16 and the full moon on Halloween, Oct. 31, I expect we'll see some changes to processes and procedures around leadership, in many different arenas, including the system of checks and balances between the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of U.S. government.


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