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October 2019 Planet Channel

You can watch the October 2019 Planet Channel here: Some themes in October: 1. We will be doing this breaking free from the past, moving into a new social balance, collectively. 2. Preserving your own experience of the Sacred this month even while you practice tolerance, compassion, kindness, politeness, patience, while encountering someone else's sacred that is stomping on your own.  3. When fear arises, GO DEEPER. 4. Find it in yourself: if you encounter something you don't like in someone else, find it in yourself so you can cultivate compassion for it. 5. Understanding the power of thought to create your experience of Reality. Dive deeper than thought, deeper than emotion, to the source of your existence. What would God do. Drop deeply into your body to notice your connection with Her. Thank Her. Stay in Gratitude. 6. As we move toward 2020, we will be experiencing sudden, individual and collective changes.   7. The main function of an Agent of Evolution is modeling what it is like to be ok with the discomfort of the unknown.

8. Allow clearings to happen. We will be dismantling the old while building the new. It's kind of like living in a construction zone. Make peace with this feeling!


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