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November 2019 Planet Channel

You can watch the November 2019 Planet Channel here:

Mercury Yantra ©2019, Vaastu architect, Jen Jones (

Some themes in November: 1. This Merc. Retro period offers us an enormous opportunity to re-pattern our thoughts, and to upgrade our minds, by first understanding the nature of Mind itself

2. Our blind spots are being revealed to us, so that we can bring them out into the light and upgrade all our relations. 

3. Looking at collective memory and releasing the shame that's locked in there through discourse, and through the examination of our governing principles.

4. Thanksgiving can be a time of some very lively conversations, in which we can cultivate staying present even as we are holding a vision of higher possibility (than what is currently being expressed and exchanged in the dialogue) in our hearts. 

This month's Planet Channel features a Mercury Yantra created by Vaastu architect, Jen Jones. Jen is a trained Vaastu architect in the Vishwakarma lineage, who is passionate about creating large scale Yantras as an instrument for open eyed meditation. You can view more of her work in her Etsy store:, and find her on Instagram @karma_by_design. From Jen: "Yantra is an ancient instrument of communicating and revealing Universal Energy of Consciousness through geometric form. Each yantra holds a unique flavor of energy, and when worked with in an open-eyed meditation practice has the ability to make contact with those energies and align with them to transform ourselves from the inside. As one gazes in a soft and relaxed way at the yantra, slowly dropping into mantra, the weaving together of the visual and verbal energies is capable of creating an evocative and deeply spiritual awakening. When creating yantra as Vaastu form, through precise mathematics and geometry, these forms become super-charged with potent energy capable of resonating at very high vibration. Yantra created through Vaastu form works deeply with subtle Consciousnesses itself, awakening and stimulating the Self."


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