May 2021: Devotion, Re-routed

Life on planet earth heats up a bit in May. As we approach the second Saturn/ Uranus square of the year in June, we feel the pressure of evolution nipping at our heels. This is a delightful month in parts, with Mercury and Venus in fun, sociable placements, and a slightly ungrounded month in other parts, as sudden changes throw us out of sync with new realities.

Themes for May

1. A multitude of new narratives changing our identity as a human family

2. Recognizing our true wealth (Earth; Our connections with one another)

3. Seeing our devotion in a new light under the lunar eclipse of May 26

A few astro moments that stand out:

May 1: The Sun conjunct Uranus: Our collective identity is shifting

May 23: Saturn goes retrograde: We may be revisiting some of the restrictions of lockdown; Our new projects and plans that gained some steam during March and April, re-examine their structures and timelines and objectives, with the new information

May 29 - June 22: Mercury Retrograde

This monthly forecast video addresses the Saturn/ Uranus square of 2021 and 2022, and as such applies to more than just the month of May. However May is when we get a real taste of what these themes actually mean in our lives.

Wishing you beauty-filled, grounding, enjoyable spring days.


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