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May/ June 2020: Rehabilitation and Review

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The nightsky during the next couple months is dominated by three powerful retrograde planets – Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. This symbolizes us retracing our steps societally, re-examining what led to where we are, seeing the weaknesses in our systems, and making course corrections. 

Some key directives for Agents of Evolution in May and June are:

  1. Tune in regularly with Spirit for guidance; don't just do a thing because you can – ask where you need to be

  2. Pay attention to the support and guidance available from the non-human world

  3. Stay in the "Not-Knowing";learn to tolerate the discomfort; wait for clarity before acting

  4. Be willing and able to gear-shift; different rhythms will become necessary at different times

  5. Examine the prevailing values of "Bigger, Better, Faster, More" – are these your values? If not, where are they still creeping in to your lifestyle?


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