March 2021: You May Say That I'm A Dreamer

Happy full moon everybody!

Spring Equinox is around the corner.

And a reprieve from all the intensity and heaviness of Dec., Jan., Feb., is finally here.

The month of March has four main themes:

1. Reprieve/ coming up for air

2. Dreaming/ Visioning

3. Long-sought after healing

4. Growth in the material realm

Enjoy this month... Find time to let go and dream. Spend the first half of the month realigning with the vision you had, that has you creating new structures in your life. Reconnect with the inspiration of the new life you are creating, the new communities you are co-creating, the new rituals you are creating, the new vision of our world you are co-creating.

The second half of this month is about growth, on the material plane. We'll start to see all that has been hibernating below ground over winter, peeking through the surface of the earth, beginning to bring new shape and sustenance to our lives.

Wishing you a fun, rejuvenating month!

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