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March 2020: Currency in Circulation: Understanding Energy

March is a month of Energy.

We are invited this month to unhook the mind from cultural programming around Energy and our concepts about how it is created, where it comes from, who gets to have it, etc.

The first three weeks of March are a time for us to develop greater insight and awareness into what our role in the world is. We are encouraged to slow down and to become more aware of our sources of energy and that which supports us in all that we’re here to do and what we’re here to be.

We have the power this month to notice more fully and distinguish between fear-based promptings coming from the conditioned mind, and heart-based promptings originating in deeply sourced primal Energy. This is especially important during the first three weeks of the month. This allows us to move from old ideas and deeply rooted patterns, into embracing our true potential and destiny.

This is also a month to examine the different areas of our lives and distinguish which state they are each in - wholeness, wounding, or healing. March is a month where many of us will be moving in certain areas of our lives from a state of woundedness to a state of healing - it is important to take inventory and notice when a state of our life makes this shift so that we can move from a stance of protection to experimentation with these areas.

On March 19th, Jupiter and Mars are conjunct on the Spring Equinox, a powerful planetary alignment that points to a lot of energy propelling us forward into the New.

The last week of the month, we see Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, and Saturn all within 7 degrees of each other. Some of us will experience this as explosive moves forward in areas of our life that have been stuck for quite some time. Others may experience this as incremental movements forward that are well-paced and seemingly with a lot of grace. This allows us to begin planting seeds for powerful change in our lives that we will continue to water and refine throughout the coming months. Note that it is not until December 2020 that these visions finally gain their true legs and feel more sustainable.


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