July 2021: Creations & Re-evaluations

July is a month with a lot of creative energy available to you to spend how you like – on having fun, on falling in love, on your home, on a creative project... Wherever you're spending that creative energy, you will also be meeting up with doubt, uncertainties, restrictions, and/or pressure.

The month carries with it a very strong need to re-evaluate the new directions you've chosen, the systems you've put in place, and the new structures you've implemented in your life.

First third of the month: continuing to bring to completion the plans/ structures/ projects/ directions that really got going the last two weeks of June. Needing to re-evaluate.

Second third of the month: creative energy on the rise; sensing the possibilities; still dealing with the re-evaluations.

Third third of the month: energy, enthusiasm, a spirit of adventure, help comes along, creative collaborators arrive, time to have fun!

Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde until October. Things don't fully, really start moving forward until then but it's late July when we feel the pep in our step returning, and become re-enthused by the prospects of what we're creating.

Things get a little more fun toward the end of July when the pressure dies down (Mars no longer in opposition with Saturn,) but it's October when we start to get the full green light for our new directions.


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