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July 2020: Re-evaluation and Rebuilding of Social Structures

July begins with a penumbral lunar eclipse, late night Sat. July 4 on the Pacific Coast, early morning Sun. July 5 on the East Coast, making it virtually impossible for us to not see all the social structures our cultures are built upon, in a new light. A re-evaluation and rebuilding of those social structures ensues.

We will be working with collective shadow:

Different approaches exist – Witnessing, holding space (which is not to be confused with silence on social issues,) and activism.

In July we're encouraged to:

1. Become aware of our relationship to collective shadow

2. Become aware of your impact on The Whole/ The Collective

Current Energy Shift:

We are collectively becoming aware of our direct connection to the One Source of all energy and power needed in order to live on planet Earth.

In July we begin to see outward manifestations of the inward changes we have been incubating since March

Just keep showing up! It will all be revealed in due time.


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