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January 2020 Planet Channel

You can watch the January Planet Channel video here:

The month of January is astrologically dominated by the Saturn/ Pluto conjunction taking place on Sun. Jan. 12. This conjunction, taking place just a couple days after the lunar eclipse, brings us very close to our mortality.

The advantage of this is feeling into how infinitesimally small we are in the grand scheme of things, AS WELL AS, how incredibly significant every one of our deeds and intentions and even thoughts are. Can you hold these opposing truths in your heart and let them humble you toward your own greatest offering of Love?

Have you ever visualized sending blessings to those alive on planet earth in the future, from a time after your own life has ended? It's a great way to put our lives in perspective. 

January is one of the hardest months of 2020, so if things are a little tense for you right now, know you'll feel some of the support structures that seem to be lacking right now come back online over the coming weeks.

The same level of intensity we feel in January returns in Nov. and Dec. of 2020, but at that point we have the planet Jupiter a little more in the mix with Saturn and Pluto, so whatever is being birthed from the depths right now begins to gain legs at the end of the year.


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