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February 2020: Re-entering the Heart

The main theme for February 2020 is: Re-entering the heart. Your invitation for this month is to raise your frequency through coming back into your heart and staying there through the potential chaos of external circumstances this month.

February will likely bring conflict as a theme. We have an opportunity this month to stay out of conflict with preventative harmony - learning how to identify what keeps us in a state of harmony within ourselves and others.

We learn this month the meaning of "winning the inner war" by working with outer conflicts internally. We practice focusing our energy within rather than allowing our attention to be pulled away from us into the "story" of the external situation.

This month is also full of lessons of Self Care: knowing our priorities & setting boundaries around our time. We are encouraged to find deeper clarity about what we have the energy and "yes" for, and when we need to turn towards filling our own tank before giving to another person or situation. We practice this month how to set boundaries when necessary without leaving our hearts.

The last main theme for February is: You and the collective: Coming into right relationship. This is a time for us to learn that being in right relationship with ourselves is the best way that the collective itself can come back into alignment. It is when we stay in our hearts throughout all of our offerings and pursuits that we learn how to best be in right relationship.


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