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December 2020: Transition

The month of December is all about Transition.

2020 has been about us collectively outgrowing old territory, building a bridge into new territory. Thing is, we're walking this bridge, as we build it... What major aspect of your life is wrapping up right now, and what is it creating room for? We're reaching the end of several cycles at once, so the possibility of wrapping things up to make room for the new is exponentially potent. Make it count! What would you like to put to bed for good in your life? What will that make room for? One astro clue you might ponder is what began changing for you on April 1st (with the Mars/ Saturn conjunction at 6 degrees Capricorn in the sidereal zodiac) that seems to be finalizing in December (at the Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction at the same degree)? The main event of this highly anticipated year, culminating on the Winter Solstice, Dec. 21, 2020, is the Jupiter & Saturn conjunction with Pluto hovering close by. This heavyweight championship ultimately falls to Saturn who's on his own turf in sidereal Capricorn, thus the Saturnian themes for the month: •the pressure to wrap things up • re-learning how to care for each other and the earth • tending to what we've neglected • rediscovering the efficacy of self-restraint Lunar eclipse: Nov. 29/30, 2020 Solar eclipse: Dec. 14, 2020 Use this winter solstice to review your year and integrate the rich personal developments that came through this extraordinary time. Here's the 2020 forecast video in case you want to review that. May the year's end be full of gratitude, courage, and contentment, as you integrate the past twelve months' developments.


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