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Dec. 2019: Distilled Down to Your Essence

You can watch the December 2019 Planet Channel here:

In December we'll be getting back to basics, distilling our lives down to one or two or three essential elements, and focusing on these priorities. Truly wrapping up 2019 may take you in to mid to late January.

Your health will be your greatest asset in 2020, so spend some time fortifying your health habits and daily health rituals over these last two weeks of the month.

The winter solstice is coming up on Dec. 21 – a time to store energy and envision your future. There's a solar eclipse arriving on Christmas Day, so take time that day in silence and stillness – it's what the soul needs to repair itself, and potentiate the best aspects of ourselves.

True or false question: Is the universe benevolent? Ask yourself this question and find the answer. You'll need this discovery to be locked in place as we move into 2020.


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