August 2021: Roll with the Changes!

August is a month you are going to want to roll with the changes! It's a fiery month, literally and figuratively, so stay hydrated, physically, emotionally, energetically, stay aligned with pleasure and delight, even through the heavier emotions, and when opportunities to let something or somewhere or someone go, do it. Release. Let go. Lean into the opportunity the change brings. Enjoy the ride! Early in the month we get a glimpse into the exact nature of what holds us back, how the limitation or stuck energy is constructed. And then for the rest of the month we get to figure out what to do about it – how to accept what is, and then, how to address the limitations/ restrictions.

It will be important to work with the emotion of anger this month. Learn how to dance inside it – like handling a hot potato so you don't get burned! – learn to carefully, safely, non-destructively release your anger and frustration. And then ride the wave all the way in to shore by aligning with humor, creativity, gratitude, your passion, and your joy.


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