• Marga

August 2020: The Centrifuge

It's as if we've all been placed inside a vast cultural centrifuge and are being separated by density – more dense matter out to the edges, less dense matter stays close to the center. The energetics of this phase of the evolutionary process are designed for polarization, so that's going to be hard to avoid. Trust the process, there's design wisdom in this.

As has been happening for some time now, we will each be seeing each other for more and more of who we really are, what we really love, what we are a stand for.

In our individual lives August may feel like a relatively still point, a moment between the inhale and exhale of the year.

All outer planets are retrograde from mid-August to mid-September so lots of continued adjusting and re-adjusting (to pandemic realities, to economic realities, etc.)

We'll be learning to discover Fun & Awe right in our own backyards, in the quieter moments.


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