2021: Humangineering the Transition

We just completed probably the most historic year of our lifetimes. 2020 brought such epic changes – changes that astrologers have been writing about for years. Looking forward, we can see that things don't ever return to "normal." There's a new normal now.

While some challenges exist during the 12 months ahead, some really fabulous opportunities for shedding our old selves and discovering who we have become (and are becoming) abound. Together, our individual paths weave a collective tapestry of becoming that *is* our evolution.

In this annual forecast video I cover five social/ collective themes for the year 2021:

1. New forms of governance and new definitions of authority

2. Outrageous explosions of creative energy and reformulations of our sexual identities

3. Indulging in our addictions -OR- brainstorming detox from our addictions with circles of experts

4. Possible revisiting of self-imposed social distancing and other sacrifices for the good of the greater whole

5. New forms of warfare, offensive strategies, and weapons, involving the internet and technology

Want to know how to navigate this time in your own life? Then check out this new course I'm offering to Agents of Evolution, on just that topic:

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, connected, prosperous new year!


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