A client once told me they experienced our first consultation as meeting up with an old friend of many lifetimes. I am somewhat selective in who I choose to work with, and often experience a sense of reconnection from other times past. My role in many people's lives seems to be to walk alongside them on their Path as a navigator, helping them with insight, comfort, encouragement, reminders of Beauty and Wonder, and gentle nudges back to their own inner knowing.  

In our first consultation we'll explore your vedic birthchart, timing information such as the "dashas" and "transits" that will give you support in navigating the upcoming year to two years, and any questions you have that you'd like to bring to the session.

Our session will last 90 minutes, it will be recorded, and I will email you a link to download the recording after the session is complete.

1.5 hours  /   $245

The Initial Consultation

Cosmic Sky


For Agents of Evolution

Follow-up Sessions

90 minutes / $180
60 minutes / $155

The follow-up sessions are where we strike gold. There's something about the ongoing touchstone of being seen in such a profound way, (on the level of the soul,) that allows you to actually transform your experience of life.
In the follow-up session we update the timing information, going deep on specific areas of your choosing, diving into any questions you have. We start to develop an ongoing conversation that can become a unique and profound support for you, especially during times of transition.

Follow-up sessions can happen as frequently as you choose. Most people come for updated timing information once a year; some come every six months; frequency is a unique, personal decision.

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The Question Session (Prashna)

1/2 hour  /  $75

Vedic Astrology has a divination technique called "prashna," in which any question can be answered by interpreting a chart erected for the time the question was asked. It is a powerful way of contextualizing any circumstance inside the noble, vast and detailed view that astrology can provide.

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