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"In Agents of Evolution: An Astrological Guide For Transformative Times, astrologer Marga Chempolil Laube takes readers on a soul ecology field trip, revealing how astrological terrain helps us navigate our individual evolutionary journeys and, in turn, our collective global crises.

Touring us through our solar system, Laube draws on the archetypal stories of the planets to outline nine distinct paths of evolution available to us – such as the path of Energy, and the path of Spirit – and the competencies that each path elicits. She presents evidence of the Agents of Evolution currently walking these paths, authoring the newest iterations of the ancient archetypes.

Through a savvy combination of personal narrative, interviews, and universal astrological guidance, Laube aims to inspire both astrology newbies as well as aficionados looking to deepen their relationship with the planets and move the needle on our collective evolution.

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navigation for evolution

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together we explore:

The evolutionary impulse within you,
seeking expression through the contents of your life.


Be the Change you Wish to See

Using the book "Agents of Evolution" as a self-study guide

Be part of this 9-week journey
to discover your evolutionary path
in these transformative times

Coming Soon in 2022 – stay tuned!
  • Use the text Agents of Evolution for self-discovery

  • Compassionate, safe, facilitated, online group study format

  • Meet other like-minded agents of evolution

  • Receive ongoing astrological guidance and support as you craft your path forward

The Annual Video Forecast 


Navigating Life Choices

A session with me can help you contextualize life transitions, life choices, and personal evolution, through a compassionate, heart-based awareness of your karmic map.

Working inside an astrological context helps me language messages to you that arise from your own body and life. Though I've been studying, practicing, and teaching within the system of vedic astrology for over 20 years, my main goal is for the reading to be of practical and immediate value to you. So I prefer a more conversational approach and speak directly about the astrology only when it might help you see something from a useful angle. I'll ask you questions, and describe what I'm seeing.


I choose to work with people who self identify as "Agents of Evolution" – those humans willing and able to move the needle on evolutionary change, by being deeply true to themselves.

The transformative aspect of my practice comes alive through our dialogue in session. 

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I have been immersed in the ancient system of yoga since 1992. I actively apprenticed with my vedic astrology teacher, James Kelleher, for four years in the early 2000's, and hold
both Jyotish Visharada (proficiency/ counseling) and Jyotish Kovid (excellence/ teaching) certifications with the Council of Vedic Astrology. Aware that at the heart of the jyotishi's service is the skillset of a counselor, I have completed dozens of trainings in individual and group facilitation and counseling, including, most notably, professional training in individual psychological shadow work with Robert Masters, PhD; group, systemic constellation facilitation with Ursula Franke and Thomas Bryson in Munich, Germany; individual and group breathwork facilitation with David Elliott; ULab with Otto Scharmer and the Presencing Institute; ongoing personal study with Dr. Daniel Foor in Ancestral Medicine and Animist Psychology; personal study with the Rooted community in healing racial trauma through Resmaa Menakem’s work; and ongoing training with Thomas Hübl in Principles of Collective Trauma Healing.

I have been a student of Siddha Yoga since 1992.

I have also had a lifelong passion for storytelling, media publishing, and filmmaking, and joyfully bring these skills to my practice of the sacred, esoteric arts.


"Marga Laube is not only a brilliant Vedic astrologer, she has acute psychological knowledge. Her readings are always insightful and helpful. I often recommend her to friends and students." 

Sally Kempton

Spiritual teacher and author of "Meditation for the Love of It"
and "Awakening Shakti"

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